Could YOU Live in a Museum?

A Ben Stiller movie permanently changed how people view my career.  I work at the Museum of Science and Industry, and no, the exhibits do not come to life at night.

I love MSI.  It's the best museum in Chicago- perfect work for a geek.  There's always something new to learn and people to inspire... and it's really fun blowing stuff up and calling it "research."  I want everyone to see for themselves, so I'm going to write about Month at the Museum 2.

Last year, Chicago native Kate McGroarty won this contest. The prize is a 30-day adventure: eating, sleeping, breathing, LIVING at MSI.  Kate did some amazing activities- ghost hunting on the U-505, a trip to the farm where the baby chicks come from, a view of the sunrise from the roof, and more.  Granted, the package also includes constant attention from guests.  This means people knocking on the glass "cube" home at all hours, and 1,000 different references to- you got it- Night at the Museum, that Ben Stiller flick.

It's worth it.  I don't think I could handle it (I'm not allowed anyway), but someone can.  Go, geek girls, go!  You have about 2 weeks to complete your application and video.  Tell them you read about it on Geek Girl Chicago.

...Speaking of the Museum of Science and Industry: if you have time, head on over tomorrow morning, Friday the 9th!  At 10AM, there will be a "Retirement Party" celebrating/mourning the end of the Shuttle Program.  Even if weather prevents the launch, there will still be astronaut ice cream, bouncy balls with spacemen inside, and nifty hats.

Read a fun fact about the final launch's fanfare composer on GGC's Twitter.  HINT: So say we all!

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