Django Unchained - Better than Ray and Pulp Fiction

Django Unchained - Better than Ray and Pulp Fiction

When will Black filmmakers muster up the courage to produce slave narratives? Well, I guess we will have to rely on Quentin Tarantino to come up with Django Unchained as the quintessential slave narrative. No Tyler Perry, no Spike Lee...Glaringly absent when it comes to telling the stories of Gustavus Vassa, Venture Smith, Charlie Ball, Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, Josiah Henson, Henry Bibb, Harriet Tubman, Harret Jacobs, and Elizabeth Keckley...glaringly absent. But we will give them a chance now that Tarantino has created a standard for leading the way. Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio - kudos.

I commend Tarantino on his effort. At a first showing, I wasn't offended by the language, the violence, or the cheap shots at comedic undertone. This was an ugly period in our history and the Tarantino / Hudlin Film raises the bar on returning to the attention of American slavery's cruelty. The word "nigger" is used profusely in the film, but so what. It was a staple on plantations and is still unfortunately a staple in current HipHop lyrics. If a black person refers to a nigger as a nigger in a rap song, don't get mad when Tarantino gives license to DiCaprio's character Candie, to do whatever he pleases. This is history a la Quentin, but real nevertheless.

It appears that the house negroes are black filmmakers who dress in drag and ignore the drama and documentation of our lives. Django Unchained forces Americans to drop the charade and begin the conversation on the worse war crimes in world history. Tarantino comes through with blood, guts, floggings, harsh language, Uncle Toms, Django heroes, jokes, romance, love, and comeuppance.

Congrats to Tarantino. When Black directors fall short on slavery, it takes an Italian to be the clean-up hitter, coming through in the clutch. Jamie Foxx is impeccable as he invokes the ultimate dream of the slave - recompense, revenge, love, humanity, and dignity.

Pulp Fiction and Ray were good films, but Django Unchained satisfies the American Dream of controlled, yet unbridled film.  Tarantino - my hero.

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