Penn State punished by NCAA, well deserved

Penn State punished by NCAA, well deserved

NCAA President, Mark Emmert, hands down fines and punishment to Penn State University. The following are the sanctions to Penn State.

- $60 Million fine against Penn State equaling one year of gross revenue for the football team.
- Penn State is banned from Bowl games and post season play for 4 years.
- The football team will have scholarships reduced from 25 to 15 per year for 4 years.
- Penn State athletes may transfer.
- All Penn State football players on scholarships may remain at Penn State as long a s they
- The NCAA vacates all Penn State wins from 1998 - 2011 and the records will reflect this period.
- The school will serve a 5-year probationary period with a monitor.
- A formal investigation will continue.
- An indepepndent integrity monitor will report on the university's progress.

There will be no death penalty to Penn State football. The NCAA decided that the suspension is adequate and that the program may continue after the 4 year period, if all compliance is met.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said that this case "involves tragic unnecessary circumstances."

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