Kanye West: Better rapper, producer, or designer? Air Yeezy 2 - get 'em

Kanye West: Better rapper, producer, or designer? Air Yeezy 2 - get 'em
The Nike Air Yeezy 2 - Expect to pay over 2 Grand

It is clear that the Nike Air Yeezy 2 space sneaker is a force of nature rivaling gravity. I had a private talk with a friend of Kanye West (Grammy recording artist Che "Rhymefest" Smith) and Smith had an interesting answer to my question. I asked Rhymefest if I could get a pair of the sec gen Air Yeezy s from him, Nike, or Kanye. He replied, "Garrard, Kanye can't even get a pair of Air Yeezys."

I bought a pair of first generation Nike Air Yeezy's after the "Glow in the Dark" Tour. Impressive. Kanye West is a serious designer who is highly capable of not only producing high quality music. He is more than capable and skilled as a bona fide designer. His shoe wears well with extreme comfort, durability, and beauty. I later gave the shoes to my nephew who had a blast telling the world that he owned a pair of West's best.

This Air Yeezy 2 is literally and figuratively from another plant. Literally - it's a space boot somewhat resembling 5 Air Jordan models. Figuratively - it is a hint of the Marty McFly shoes we glanced at in "Back to the Future."  Kanye West proves that a recording artist can have a shoe with popularity and scarcity that pummels any athletes shoe on the market. I can get Jordans at Athletes Foot, the Nike Store, eBay, Amazon, or Foot Locker. I can purchase Derrick Rose's AdiZero shoes at a local retailer. But Kanye West proves that Otis Redding and Flashing Lights rule the day. He has the audacity to believe in Air Yeezy 1 and 2, stating that a rapper is not limited to beats, production, rhymes, and George Bush/Taylor Swift quotes. West proves in Seth Godin fashion that faith, creation, and shipping are far more powerful than trusting haters. He develops a show, wears it on tour, and he builds a fan base outside of "Jesus Walks," "Through the Wire," and "Watch the Throne." Kanye defines art and shapes fashion.

The first Air Yeezy shoes were proven a success in sales. During the tour, Kanye displayed  excellence in gripping the neon, yet darkly lit stage of the tour. Are the shoes worth the $245 that Nike is asking? Yes.

Are the shoes worth the $90,000 paid in an auction on eBay? Yes

The market is willing to pay for the art of Kanye West. He yells, screams, and says, "Wait to I get my money right."  He is new millennial Warhol without the blond hair and Campbell's soup paintings. West is establishing himself as a true designer and envelope pusher.

Show and Prove! He is heating the art world up and as he claims in his song "I Wonder," Kanye knows that he has been called to bring attention to himself and to his gifts.

"Now I'm back on my grind. A psychic read my lifeline, told me in my lifetime, my name would help light up the Chicago skyline...7 o'clock that's primetime, heaven'll watch, God's calling' front the hotline. Why He keep given' me hot lines? I'm a star, how could I not shine?

Paris, Milan, Chicago, New York, L.A. Rome, and other impact cities will embrace the art of Kanye. I'm headed out now to get the new Air Yeezys. The place in line will cost more than the shoe, but they are worth it. The demand justifies the wait, price, and inconvenience.  The shoes of a rapper will replace Air Jordans.



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