The Digital Projection Resurrection of Tupac Shakur

I  would much rather pay to see the virtual image of Tupac, than any other rapper in the flesh.

Come with me...Hail Mary.

The digital projection resurrection of Tupac Shakur has taken the "real" world by storm. It is clear that this technology has caused us to rethink the essence of what it means to be human.  AV Concepts has created a 2 dimensional image that bears a terrific likeness to the 1990's hiphop icon. He greets the Coachella Music Festival with the bling of a crucifix, saggin' jeans, his unmistakable tattoos, and more testosterone than "actual" living rappers today.

He's back in full splendor. Hail Mary.

Tupac gives a stunning performance with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg joining him on stage. It's not creepy in the least. It is art on the next technological level. It is an impression of the six-packed Tupac using Matrix-like metaphor.

Morpheus says, "What is real?"

Well, it is clear that whether you call this a reflection, ghost, or blasphemy, it is definitely the spiritual embodiment of a deceased artist who has been given a new life  in the new millennium.

I am impressed by the technology.  Here is the secret, revealed in Hayley Tsukayama's Washington Post article.  " The image of the rapper is not, in fact, a hologram. The 2D-image is an updated version of a stage trick that dates to the 1800s. In the old version, an actor would hide in a recess below the stage as stagehands used mirrors to project the image of a ghost.

According to a 1999 patent uncovered by theInternational Business Times, the trick used by the company AV Concepts employs an angled piece of glass placed on the the stage to reflect a projector image onto a screen that looks invisible to the audience.

The team pulled together Tupac’s performance by looking at old footage and creating an animation that incorporated characteristics of the late singer’s movements, " reported by Hayley Tsukayama.

Think what you will about the technology, I support the music, the artistry, the technology, and the gift that Tupac Shakur gave us all.  I  would much rather pay to see Tupac virtual, than any other rapper in the flesh.

Hail Mary, Makaveli in this...


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