Derrick Rose - We're praying for you brother

Derrick Rose - We're praying for you brother
Derrick Rose - Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg

It is no time for blame. It is a time for healing.

Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls' magical point guard, had to depart the court in the first playoff game, due to a season ending injury: a torn ACL on his left knee. I was painfully upset by the injury, but in a slightly different manner than what I've been hearing. I was upset because I wanted him to complete the season in a healthy way - with or without a championship. I am praying for the strength, health, and emotional well-being of Derrick Rose. The championship is secondary; his health is primary.

Gracing the cover of GQ Magazine is just one of the many accolades that this young, gifted, and athletic man has encountered. He is a product of Chicago's Englewood section, and continues to prove to us that hard work, a dream, and laser focus can triumph over anything that the haters try to feed you.

He tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament, one of the four major ligaments of the knee. Surgery is inevitable and the healing process will begin after the success of this procedure. I am sure Rose will thrive after his surgery. He is a bright light in this dark world. He gives us hope, a smile, and the encouragement to believe in optimism. He is a quiet, humble spirit, walking among the pompous and conceited. He is a multimillion dollar player who enjoys solitude and basketball more than fame, fortune, and braggadocio.

The blame game has started already, but this is utterly a waste of time. Derrick is a fighter. The Bulls are fighters. Coach Thibodeau is a fighter. There is no blame here because an ACL injury never gives forewarning. It could happen while tripping on a sidewalk, while getting out of bed, or in a major playoff game. It's always easy to direct from the sidelines, but until you set foot on a basketball court or coach an NBA team, shut up. It happened by chance and this does not carry fault. Check out Bulls Confidential.

Let's pray for Derrick Rose. He is still a Bulls' player and he will be rooting for his teammates. We can now see the true test of the entire team's confidence and competence. The Bulls are a force with and without Derrick Rose. His presence off the court is effective.

We must focus on his health, well-being, and spirit. Keep your head up D-Rose. We love ya' brutha.

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