Negovan Scoops with Skype - Blagojevich coverage was stellar

Negovan Scoops with Skype - Blagojevich coverage was stellar
WGN's Tom Negovan: Photo - twtrland

I saw it with my own eyes. Tom Negovan, reporter and anchor at WGN TV, literally scooped all news media on the departure of disgraced former governor, Rod Blagojevich. He met the "Gadfly Gov" at the airport first thing in the morning and in the media frenzy, Negovan was in the eye of the hurricane.

Using the Serbian roots connection, the WGN reporter used his iPhone as a communication device, microphone, and IFB, getting Blagojevich to talk, talk, With Skype in tow, Negovan delivered play-by-play coverage of the departure with the acumen of an NCAA final four sportscaster. The Skype connection was crisp and clear, making the story even more interesting as Blagojevich signed autographs and took dozens of pictures with his "fans." Pandemonium in the airport terminal at 7 in the morning. Wild.

Poised, articulate, and lucid, I was thoroughly impressed with Negovan's tenacious yet sensitive interviews with Rod B. Just when you thought the story was ending...Negovan gets the same flight as the former governor and sits behind him on the flight to Colorado. "Go figure!" While the other news stations were covering entertainment and sports, Blagojevich is talking about the Cubs, his family, and his Serbian lineage with Tom. Unreal or maybe...surreal.

It gets better...WGN actually gets footage and a camera on the flight, running the video on 2 newscasts. It gets better...Negovan catches a flight back to Chicago, just in time to sit next to Mark Suppelsa and Micah Materre for the 9:00 p.m. news. This reporting was stellar - a Twilight Zone episode of sorts. Tom Negovan deserves the day or the rest of the week off, along with an Emmy. Chicago to Littleton, Colorado, isn't exactly a jet lag assignment, but the early rising, Skype using, iPhone toting, coach flying Negovan definitely deserves some time to rest up for his next assignments: Cook County Commissioner William Beavers and State Rep. Derrick Smith.

Rod Blagojevich is safe and sound in his new prison home for the next 14 years. Maybe he'll put Tom Negovan on the visitation list. He certainly should.

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