Cold-blooded murderers in Merrillville - Surrender Now!

I am saddened to hear about the tragic death of Judi Simpson-Beaver, as she was gunned down in a convenience store while simply trying to work a shift. We teach our children to do no harm, embrace a work ethic, and help fellow citizens. But in the new millennium we are still subject to a few heartless people who choose to take a life for a few dollars.

The energy to rob a store can be channeled into applying for a job in a store.

I am asking family members and friends of the perpetrators to immediately call Merrillville Police at (219) 769-3531 so that we can have these individuals apprehended as quickly as possible. Judi Simpson-Beaver was minding her business and the store's business when she was quietly approached by thug life in person.

The video surveillance recordings are revealing. Two males allegedly casing the store before positioning a possible third party to rob, kill, and destroy Judi Simpson-Beaver's dreams.
The clothing, mannerisms, stature, and gait of the alleged are clear. There are people who know the murderers and it is their civic duty to turn them in.

There are three people somewhere bragging about having a lot of money, spending a lot of money, and bragging about robbing a store and killing the clerk.  Or there are three people out here hiding out, being unusually quiet, not attending school, or denying their whereabouts at the convenience store on that afternoon.
I am asking for the perpetrators to turn themselves in to the authorities. I am asking the perpetrators' families and friends to do the right thing and contact authorities immediately. This is the lowest of all human acts - the killing of another human being. This is not a video game with several lives and a bonus round. This is real, and the right action at this point is to turn yourself in to the authorities.

Woman Fatally Shot at NW Indiana Convenience Store:


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  • I think these guys will be eventually caught. Police have video, distinctive clothing apparel, & color and make of getaway car.

  • Looks like they got one.,0,1852734.story

  • One of the dudes walking looks like a kid that played football at MHS his last name is Jones. But im not 100 that its him. Maybe his where abouts at the time of the crime would prove me wrong.

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