Spike Lee brings heat to Chicago State University

The noted filmmaker Spike Lee will grace 95th and King Drive for a one-night discussion of his films at Chicago State University - 6 pm Feb. 8th.   With over 20 films in his collection, Lee has proven to not only be a prolific filmmaker, but one of thought, action, and social responsibility.  Earlier movies like School Daze and She's Gotta Have It have become cult classics and Lee's  growth as a big box office draw shows that the mainstream respects his work.

Garrard's favorites by Spike - Bamboozled, Malcolm X, Horn of Plenty, Miracle at St. Ana, and School Daze. I have followed Spike Lee for years; I adore his films and always look forward to hearing his terse candor and scathing critique of events, individuals, and other films. I'm sure tonight's discussion at CSU will be no different.  Look for 10 minute diatribes and serious accusations of a system (media) that suppresses the truth and promotes nonsense. Say what you want, Spike is real...Real raw, unapologetic, and clear.  I'm looking forward to this event. The library at Chicago State will be filled with heated commentary and provoking questions.

Spike Lee at Chicago State University - February 8, 2012.  Peep the photo I took with Spike over 20 years ago. I was just a young lad in college, with a retainer and a flat top .



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