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The ZERO DOLLAR Experiment - Can We Spend ZERO on Christmas and the Holidays?

The ZERO DOLLAR Experiment - Can We Spend ZERO on Christmas and the Holidays?
This year millions of people on Earth will not receive a single gift for the holidays. Nor will they have enough food or water.  Yet every year millions of Americans over extend themselves using credit cards, putting themselves in debt and our country in debt, simply so their children can say they have the latest... Read more »

Wordless Wednesday - Beauty In A Community Garden

Wordless Wednesday - Beauty In A Community Garden

The Quest For Sustainability Is a World Wide Interest - Eco Love From Italy

All over the world people are talking about living more sustainably; growing their own vegetables and living with less instead of forever wanting more. Proof of this is demonstrated when an Italian home and garden magazine, Tattilo Editrice Country & Country, contacted me recently to feature my organic garden in the pages of their Italian magazine. They want... Read more »

Dick Young Dies; Illinois Loses An Astounding and Inspiring Naturalist

Dick Young, Illinois naturalist and environmental leader has died at age 86. Here you see a photo I took of him standing on the entrance to his green roof taken in 2008 when I met him at his home. Dick Young, Illinois naturalist and inspirational environmental leader has died on Sunday at age 86. In 2008 I had... Read more »

Buy Local and Support Your Community Like Billy Dec!!

Luis and Shawna Coronado at Billy Dec’s Blues Bash event. Green Tip - Buy Local!! Billy Dec, fellow blogger extraordinaire and Chicago entrepreneur from “A Chicago Thing” invited a group of ChicagoNow bloggers and 3 curbillion of his closest friends to an amazing party celebrating local blues talent at the Rock It Bar and Grill River North.... Read more »

GN Book Excerpt - - America In Bloom How You Can Make A Difference In Your Local Community

Warrenville, Illinois America In Bloom volunteers planting containers to beautify the community. The below feature is an excerpt from my book, “Gardening Nude”, which is a story about an organization that is making a difference for communities in the United States. Enjoy!! GN Book Excerpt – - America In Bloom How You Can Make A Difference In Your Local Community America... Read more »

GN Book Excerpt - - Green Healthy Living With Healing Therapeutic Gardens

Kay’s Garden – an amazing example of therapeutic landscaping for an elderly husband and wife. Over the next several weeks I will be featuring excerpts from my book, Gardening Nude, which are stories about real live people who have decided to live greener and healthier lives. Enjoy!! GN Book Excerpt – - Green Healthy Living... Read more »

"Growing A Greener World" PBS TV Shoot In My Front Lawn - A Modern Green Victory Garden

Joe Lamp’l from “Growing A Greener World” PBS Television show interviewing Shawna Coronado in front of the television cameras. Today was the big day; Joe Lamp’l and his hardworking Growing A Greener World TV  television crew came to my yard to feature my front lawn vegetable garden. Joe wanted his feature to be about educating... Read more »

PBS Television Shoot In My Front Lawn - "Growing A Greener World" Arrives Tomorrow

What an exciting day today. I am preparing the last of the garden for a television shoot with the Growing A Greener World crew. GGW is a PBS television series addressing the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how. Joe Lamp’l is the producer and host – here he is with me... Read more »

How You Can Make A Green Difference For The World With A Garden

Shawna Coronado digging in the garden she built for the community in Warrenville, IL, a suburb of Chicago. A garden is more than a garden. This realization came in 2006 when I began removing grass from the shared easement property behind my fence on Batavia Road in Warrenville where I decided to plant a new... Read more »