ZERO DOLLAR Experiment Continues: Save Money On Christmas Wrapping Paper

ZERO DOLLAR Experiment Continues: Save Money On Christmas Wrapping Paper
Comics are a great substitute for wrapping paper.

As you know, the ZERO DOLLAR Experiment is all about having a Christmas holiday season that does not put your family into extreme debt. It is also about being green and recycling or reusing what you can to keep it out of the landfill. Why are we spending ourselves into deep debt at a time when many of us are losing our jobs, our homes, and more?

With enthusiasm, I have extended the experiment to include Christmas  gift-wrap. In the United States, trash consumption from gift-wrap and shopping bags is estimated at over 4 million tons. Every year I would spend around $20 on wrapping paper, tape, and bows. First of all, need I tell you how non-green it is to use fancy-schmancy wrapping paper? In my opinion, it seems a complete waste of resources when we need wood pulp for so many other things. Hence extending this years ZERO DOLLAR Experiment to include wrapping paper.


Every week my mother-in-law comes over to my house for "Grandma Day". For nearly 7 years she has been bringing the Sunday Comic Strip over to my daughters to read on their special day with her. I save these comic strips for wrapping paper. If you or a neighbor gets a regular paper delivered, you can do the same thing.

In the photo above you also see ribbon which I got via, tape I got from my friend John who had an overabundance and donated it to our cause, and greeting cards from last year. I cut the pretty picture "front" off the greeting card and use them as name tags and package labels for all the gifts.

TOTAL ESTIMATED VALUE IF I WERE TO BUY THESE THINGS NEW (based on my past spending) – $20.00


All the gifts I am giving have been discovered on, Craigslist.or, or have been given to me over the course of the last year for free. Everything was given to me at absolutely no cost, yet are great gifts that I am proud to give to others. Below are links to the previous gift lists and rules post -

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