Holiday Partying? Recycle Those Wine and Spirit Bottles; A Think About This Tip

The good news: In 2008 over 2.4 billion pounds of plastic bottles were recycled. Tons and tons of glass is also recycled. However, there are still tons of plastic and glass bottles not making it to the recycling bin.

During the holidays, we consumers throw out millions of tons of glass and plastic bottles created from all that celebrating and fun we have during the season.

Why not recycle those bottles instead? Watch the video and see a certain type of bottle I suggest we all consider placing in the recycle bin.



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  • I have an even better solution--I make homemade liqueurs and a lovely holiday wassail beverage, so once I get nasty labels off, the bottles get repurposed and become either storage or gifts. (Of course, I guess that doesn't guarantee that the recipient will recycle it, but...hey, I'm trying!)

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