Five Ways to Use Less Gas While Driving and Save Money

Five Ways to Use Less Gas While Driving and Save Money

Today's guest post is by Amy Lizee.

Most of us are aware of the electric and hybrid options that are now available on the market as substitutes for gas-powered cars, but not all of us are in the position to trade-up or purchase a more eco-friendly option. Luckily though, there are ways to make your gas-powered vehicle more environmentally friendly. How? Simply use less gas!

1. Simply Drive Less

This seems like an obvious answer, but most people are unaware of the easy ways to drive less and therefore don’t attempt to. One of the simplest ways to drive less is to combine errands and trips. Instead of going out 3-4 different times or running errands on different days, you can save gas (and money) by combing your errands into one trip or picking things up on the way home. Another way to save gas while driving is to make a round trip rather than going back and forth while running errands. Plan your trip so you can hit all the places you need to go without backtracking.

2. Avoid Stop-and-Go Traffic

When you are sitting in traffic, you are wasting gas without going anywhere. Instead, you should try to find an alternate route when you find yourself stuck in traffic. That way, you will conserve gasoline and maybe even find yourself at home a little sooner. If you cannot find an alternate route though and have to idle for more than a couple minutes, you should turn off your engine.

3. Get Rid of Excess Cargo

When you are carrying items in your vehicle, trunk or on your roof (such as roof racks) your engine is working harder to move that excess weight. You should take a look around your vehicle before your next trip and see what excess weight you can find lurking in your car or trunk. If the items are not necessary, then you should remove them from your vehicle as they are causing you to waste gas and money by hauling them along on your trips.

4. Use Cruise Control

By using cruise control safely on the highway, you can save yourself gas consumption caused by uneven driving. Since cruise control offers a smooth trip, with even acceleration and speed, you are being easier on your engine and therefore, requiring less fuel.

5. Keep Your Car in Good Condition

By ensuring that your car is properly maintained, you will prevent inefficiencies that lead to a) your engine working harder than it should and b) costly repairs. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to your car’s road condition and maintenance are your tires. Not only are underinflated tires extremely common, but they also happen to be a cause for lower gas mileage. When a tire is underinflated it creates more resistance, therefore causing your engine to work harder and expel more gasoline.

While most of us cannot completely avoid driving, we can take advantage of these simple tips in order to consume less gas and therefore, make a smaller impact on the environment. We all want to work towards sustainable livingand by consuming less harmful gasoline in our daily lives, we can help get there faster!

Amy Lizee is a freelance author for and Our Global Awareness Magazine while attending a University in BC to complete a business degree in marketing. On top of these, she designs and runs a website for a horse rescue she helps to operate. Her passion rests with animals and the environment and she tries to express that through her E911 project and writing.


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    I enjoyed reading the many ways you gave to eliminate using so much gas while driving and helping to eliminate some of the damage done to the environment. In today's economy where people may not be financially able to make the switch to more eco-friendly modes of transportation it is nice to see that someone is lending ideas to them. Another great way would be to car pool when at all pooling saved me a lot the last year I worked.

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