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New Year's Resolution - STOP THE WASTE and SAVE MONEY!

The hoard of dusty unused boxed goods I found in my kitchen. The beginning of my STOP THE WASTE New Year’s Resolution! According to, “An estimated 100 billion pounds of food, enough to totally eliminate hunger, is thrown away annually in the United States.” Because of this, I have been working with to... Read more »

How To Save Money on Gas - 5 Easy Tips

This one is supposed to encourage me to exercise more. Right. LOL! I'm trying!!!
Shawna Coronado transporting vegetable plants in her Pontiac Vibe. We Americans consume over 20 million barrels of oil per day according to Nation Master. More than most of the countries in the world, including China and India, which have the largest populations in the world - over 1 billion people each. America only has a little over 300... Read more »

Make a Goal To Plant Trees In Your Neighborhood This Year

This year, why not make a resolution to do something good for your community? Plant more trees like the one in the above photo – a tree located in a forest preserve near Rockford, Illinois which I visited a few years ago. Trees create shade, oxygen, and beauty for neighborhoods across the United States. According... Read more »

How To Reuse Old Playing Cards To Make A Horse Farm During Winter Break

10 year old entertaining herself with a deck of cards she turned into a horse farm – viola! Let’s call a spade a spade – it is that time of year again and kids are home bored. It is time to pull out all the reduce, reuse, and recycle tricks you can manage to keep... Read more »

Learn About Nature and Help Cure Cancer - A Perfect Gift For A Child

“Our Shadow Garden” by Cherie Foster Colburn This fantastic children’s book by Cherie Foster Colburn tells the story of how a young girl decides to help her grandmother who is very ill to feel better. She and her grandfather transform an outdoor space into an amazing therapeutic healing garden for her grandmother to enjoy and... Read more »