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THE ANSWER - Seek And Find Mystery - What Is Hidden In This Photo from Mexico?

Close up view of the Mexican hummingbird I snapped in a jungle in Mexico – and the answer to what is hidden in yesterday’s “seek and find mystery”. The answer to yesterday’s seek and find mystery – an amazing hummingbird from the Yucatan – the Cinnamon Hummingbird! It landed in the middle of this mangrove... Read more »

Why You Should Get a Rain Water Cistern - A Green and Sustainable Choice

Why You Should Get a Rain Water Cistern - A Green and Sustainable Choice
Beautiful front lawn view of the Aquascape, Inc. RainXChange rain water cistern with fountain at the suburban Chicago home of Shawna Coronado. Recently, I had a rain water cistern, called a RainXchange System, installed on my front lawn by Aquascape, Inc.* Above you see a photo of the final product which features a gorgeous water fountain that is made... Read more »

Traveling in Ireland - Teaching Children About Sustainable Gardening

Sustainability flower container built to inspire children in Ireland to be more sustainable. Children learn most quickly by example, and Lorcan Bourke showed this grandly in his spectacularly popular sustainability flower design for children at the Bloom 2010 event in Phoenix Park at Dublin, Ireland this year. Bloom 2010 had a lovely sustainability section which Lorcan managed. This... Read more »

Traveling Ireland - How A Pond Is Processing Gray Water for An Irish Factory - a Green Solution For The Environment

Vincent Cleary, Managing Director of Glenisk, with his daughter and scrappy little dog, Suzy, returning through the fields from touring the Glenisk reed beds in Killeigh, Ireland. Reed bed filtration is becoming a popular wastewater management technique worldwide, both for household use and for large factories and institutions. It is a creative way to reuse... Read more »

Traveling Ireland - Meeting An Organic Cow Farmer and Visiting the Burren

View from James Howard’s home in Ireland; the Burren in all its glory. In the Northwest corner of County Clare, Ireland, there is a remarkable place called The Burren. This region of Ireland is composed of mountainous limestone pavements, eroded in Vincent Cleary of Glenisk, and James Howard, together with James cows in Ireland. a unique pattern known as karren. Beneath... Read more »

Traveling Ireland - A Tour of a Sustainable Kitchen Garden

An amazing Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden is a two and a half-acre garden set in the grounds of the Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. It is truly one of the most beautiful kitchen gardens I have ever seen and is used as both an educational tool and for food for the local community. Above is... Read more »

Traveling Ireland - Electricity Saving and Money Saving Green Tips From the Hotel

Amazing green ideas were discovered in my hotel at Ireland. Quick, easy, and money saving tip in the video below:, The Green Blog –, or The Garden Blog – and The Community Help Blog –

Traveling Ireland - Visiting A Goat Dairy Farm

Goats. I have never thought about them much. Yet, each goat has an interesting personality and place in the world. Their soft, intelligent eyes, and sweet stance towards people makes it easy to love them. Glenisk showed me the goat farms that supply their dairy as we toured through Ireland. Meeting the goats truly helped me to understand the importance they play in our... Read more »

What does "Organic Food" really mean? A Green Answer I Discovered In Ireland

Bill, the charming 3 year old from the video, eating organic yogurt. Internationally, the most widely held definition of “organic” is food that is farmed or processed without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or genetically altered organisms. Why should you consider organic food an important choice for your family? Because children’s exposure to chemicals at... Read more »

Traveling Ireland - How To Plant A Seed

Glenisk has been my sponsor while I am in Ireland and I completely and totally fell in love with their bicycle and baskets (see me “riding” it above). Normally, the bicycle is used for distributing organic yogurt samples and discussing how organic works with green and healthy lifestyle habits like biking, but we used it as a... Read more »