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Seek And Find Mystery - What Is Hidden In This Photo from Mexico?

Search and find mystery picture taken in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Can you guess what is hidden here? Can you guess what is hidden in the nature picture I photographed above? It is something which is found in the mangrove jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico on the Riviera Maya Coast. CLUE: It is... Read more »

Gardening Nude Goes To Ireland In Search of Green Inspiration

Shawna Coronado tweeting the social media world from O’Hare airport. Once again I will be going on the road internationally while blogging, tweeting, and facebooking my adventure. This time it is Ireland! I’m leaving tonight for a two week adventure in Europe! Come along with me for the fun! I was invited to keynote speak... Read more »

How The Freecycle Network™ Got My Daughter To Practice Piano and Be Super Green!

Piano in the back of the family car which we got FREE from Over 7 Million people use The Freecycle Network™ ( – one of the best digital community assistance inventions on earth. Above you see a photo of the free piano I got from another The Freecycle Network™ user. My youngest daughter has... Read more »

Retail Stores Waste Taxpayer Money By Not Recycling - Help Change That!

Recycling Bins at Costco. There are a few big box retailers who are starting to implement the “green” message. For instance, the above is a photo I took at the local Costco. They just installed recycling bins next to the cafe area so consumers can properly recycle their paper and plastic waste. It is a... Read more »

Top 10 Drought Tolerant Plantings Save Water

Dear Ms. Green Queen, Russian Sage in the summer garden. Okay Ms. Green Queen, I live in Winfield, Illinois and have been reading your column for over a year now. Your ideas are great for going green. I love it!! What’s the #1 thing I can do to reduce my water bill? Signed, Water Boy in... Read more »

Have Tree Root Hell? Here Is A Creative Green Patio Solution For Your Garden

Finished “green” floating patio – a creative solution for saving reclaimed building materials and helping with a difficult garden problem: tree roots. It’s a battle in my garden - the maple tree roots versus me. They are powerful and I am often stymied as I cannot dig in the soil due to the deep and twisted... Read more »