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Mexico Eco-Blogging - Green Living, Cenote Fish and the Trials of Life

Above you see a photo of my foot. Yes. My foot. I am standing in a cenote in a Mexican jungle. A cenote is a sink hole. This one is quite deep, however I am standing in the shallows on a rock, the water is crystal clear and the green you see growing on the rocks below... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - The Benefits of Native Plants

Incredible view featuring a native scrubby brush that grows along the Riviera Maya coastline on the Yucatan Peninsula. It functions to hold the beaches in place and prevent erosion. Native plants function in an incredibly useful fashion. Above you see a native scrub brush which grows all along the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula coastline and helps... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - Yucatan Peninsula Eco-Park Animal Adventure

Gorgeous ocean view from XCaret Eco-Park near Tulum, Mexico. Without a doubt, one of the more beautiful and amazing places on the Riviera Maya coast is XCaret. It is an eco-park that features some amazing flora, fauna, and water experiences where you can really touch nature. We were able to touch sea turtles and see... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - Save Money and Water With Permeable Paving

Parking lot in Cancun, Mexico – soil and plants are interplanted between the paving. Everywhere we went in Mexico we saw built in permeable paving parking. It provides a solid ground surface, strong enough to take heavy loads, like large vehicles, while at the same time it allows water to filter through the surface and reach... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - Top 4 Ways to Save Water and Money

Gorgeous view of Tulum, a pre-Columbian Mayan Indian ruins we were able to tour. This location is one of the best preserved coastal Maya sites and sits on top of 39′ cliffs immediately next to the ocean. Gorgeous! Water is by-far the most important resource on earth. When you stand on the 39′ cliffs at... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - I Challenge O'Hare Airport To Reduce Its Food Waste Footprint

Recycling paper at Chicago O’Hare Airport. First stop on our travel adventure to Mexico? O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, Illinois. When I think of O’Hare, I do not think of flying – I think of people. Yearly, there is over 881,566 aircraft operations with an average of 2,409 per day. Close to 70 million... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - Top 3 Tips For Traveling Green

Harry the Pug says bring me and not the clothing – he’s ready to go to Mexico! Packing green is part of our eco-adventure. Eco-conscious vacationing you say? Is that really possible? According to the green team’s “25 Days To Green Travel Index” at Go Green Travel Green (, it is easy to be eco-conscious... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - An Adventure To Learn About The Environment

View out our airplane window as we fly to Mexico together. In just a few days my family and I will be taking a fantastic journey to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. I’m flying you with me to experience this cool green eco-adventure. We will be going to jungles, beaches, and protected eco-parks throughout the Yucatan Peninsula... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - How You Can Save Coral In The Ocean

This is coral. While walking along the beach near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, I found it washed up in the sand. We took this photo, then put the coral back in the ocean. This is coral. While walking along the beach I found it washed up in the sand. We took this photo, then put... Read more »

Mexican Eco-Blogging - Iguanas; the Squirrel of the Mexican Riviera

While squirrels and raccoons are animals we Midwesterners commonly see in our neighborhoods, I thought it would be interesting to show you what animal we see at every turn here in Mexico; the Iguana. In 1768, Austrian naturalist Josephus Nicolaus Laurenti first described the Iguana. Spiny Tail Iguanas, or Ctenousaurs, are commonly found in Mexico, particularly in the Yucatan... Read more »