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Which is better: organic food or locally produced non-organic food?

One of my favorite television commercial series from the ’80′s is the “Brain On Drugs Commercial” (seen above). When asking the question, “Which is better: organic food or locally produced non-organic food?” As you consider the video, I would like you to substitute the words “non-organic food” for the word “drugs”. Definitively, organic foods are... Read more »

10 Money Saving and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips That Cost Less Than $1.00

With the down economy, many are facing tragedy; having to choose between feeding family and paying the mortgage. Simple money saving tips like reducing your family’s  energy consumption is not enough. Continuing to purchase the very expensive and non-eco-friendly chemical cleaners seems outlandish when you can use one miracle cleaner that costs less than a $1.00... Read more »

Green All Electric Car Makes a Big Sustainable Impact

City of Chicago Commissioner, Norma Reyes, stands in the transportation gallery at the Museum of Science and Industry, introducing the idea of a fleet of taxi cabs that could be utilizing compressed natural gas, or all electric, as a positive environmental alternative for the city of Chicago. Featured this week at the Chicago Auto Show... Read more »

Treehugger Alert: Top 5 Green and Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts

Photo credit Valentine’s Day; the annual holiday that brings the lover out in everyone. When it comes time for a gift that says “I love you!” this year, why not consider giving green as well as sexy? Being eco-friendly demonstrates a heightened level of thoughtfulness with your gift giving and is sure to impress... Read more »

Going Green With Energy Savings Ideas For Work - How Small Things Make A Huge Difference

Photo credit Stress Limit Design. Learning how small things can make a big difference in relationship to saving energy at work is important. Discussing with your children, family, and neighbors little things that you do every day to save energy helps them save energy and think “green.” All those little things add up. For example,... Read more »

Healthy Brain Food; How Burpee Seed is building positive mental health with a New Year's Resolution

“Making a healthy difference in a community is possible with a garden,” says George  Ball, Jr., CEO of the W. Atlee Burpee & Company seed business (Burpee). On this last day of January, a time when many of us give up on our New Year’s Resolutions, it seems particularly important to interview George Ball, Jr.... Read more »