Healthy Living: How Chef Ryan Hutmacher Changed His Life and Inspired A City

Chef Ryan Hutmacher, The Centered Chef, Ironman Cozumel 2009, "Culinary Wellness Initiative" v2.1 from Ryan Hutmacher on Vimeo.

Morning dawns in Chicago. One solitary man can be seen running the lake front path this cold snowy day - white steam rising off his shoulders, sweat streaking his
determined face as he jogs through the cold Chicago streets. He is a man who has
used food, nutrition, and exercise to transform his life into something far
better than what it was before - he is now living a greener and healthier

Ryan Hutmacher is a survivor. Years ago he was unhealthy physically and
emotionally; working in a high-pressure dead-end office job, Hutmacher hated
going to work. Stress and unhealthy eating habits plagued Hutmacher to the point
he realized he had to completely rebuild his life in order to move forward. "I
was at my physical and mental worst. At age 24, I was 5'7" and weighed 230
pounds. I was over 40% body fat! My doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressants,
blood pressure & cholesterol medications. This compounded with the fact I
was deemed a pre-Type 2 Diabetic, had asthma and smoked cigarettes...something had
to change!"

Making a drastic life-decision, he quit his job, enrolled in full-time
cooking school, and stopped smoking. Endurance training began for Hutmacher
when, "my brother, Scott, signed me up for a triathlon. It was his subtle, yet
direct approach to supporting me in changing my own life. In agreeing to train,
I had no idea of the long term commitment I had put into motion."

(To continue Ryan Hutmacher's inspirational story, please click the link below. Above you see a video of his story and triumphant triathlon even in 2009.)

At school he learned about healthy eating as well as healthy cooking,
especially after he spent time living and working in France, learning to cook
with basic, natural ingredients. With his friend and family's help with
exercise, he was soon involved heavily with endurance training. Transforming his
physical form was just the beginning of the positive benefits of this training,
as his emotional state and mindset soon transformed as well. Miraculous in its
nature; this transformation saved Hutmacher's life.

Six years later Hutmacher is fifty pounds lighter and well armed with a
greener lifestyle. Hutmacher knew it was time to inspire others to find the
benefits of living and eating healthy. When he returned to Chicago from France,
he formed Centered Chef Food
, a very special catering firm focused on evangelizing a
revolutionary idea for healthy eating better defined as "clean cuisine", which
is a contemporary take on "comfort foods" using fresh, locally grown foods
whenever possible.

In 2009, working through Centered Chef Food Studios,
Hutmacher began a Culinary Wellness Initiative through the American Cancer
Society (ACS). His goal was to compete in the Cozumel, Mexico Ironman
Competition earning money and awareness for the ACS. This event also celebrated
his greatest personal victory: overcoming poor health. Sending out announcements
of the inspiring event, Hutmacher said, "I'm going to swim, bike and run 140.6
miles in Cozumel, Mexico. This race is the next great chapter in "redefining" my
personal limits. In knowing I can't take my health for granted, I have a
choice." In making this announcement, Hutmacher has inspired hundreds to learn
from him to make a choice for their own health.

As part of Hutmacher's cooking philosophy, he utilizes his experience in
performance training to help redefine the powerfully healthy benefits of eating
right. Hutmacher educates on utilizing whole foods and buying foods locally
grown when possible to promote healthy living. Eating right and exercising
regularly has changed his life, and he wants to inspire change for others as
well. Chef Ryan Hutmacher is a green and healthy inspiration to all those who
are struggling with the basics of living healthier lives.

To learn more about Chef Ryan Hutmacher, his television appearances, cooking
classes, and health initiatives - and how he can inspire you or your corporation
-  please contact him at the offices of Centered Chef Food Studios.

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