Lake Forest Resale Shop Opening Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day...10 am, 4/23....the grand opening of the Lake Forest Resale Shop, the big project I've been working on since March 1.

Leilani Wertens has a great write-up on her blog, Thriftaholic. To her post and pro photos, I'll add just a few to entice you to come and shop.

Linda lending her talents to paint the logo mural behind the front
counter.  We started with the Tiffany blue logo (by Liz). Then, graphic
designer Laura enhanced it with the black and white frame.

Linda also painted (free hand!) some designs above the front window.
At the end of the day yesterday, with the sun shining and the mural
complete, the storefront was given new life and energy.

One of our vintage items, the Hermes 3000.  An essential tool when you get around to chapter 1 of  your memoirs.

Laura's upcycled tee's.  Inspired by a how-to on Handmadeology, she took some donated tee's home from the shop and made these in an evening.

Kids stuff.  That's a toile bed canopy hanging from the ceiling. Liz
and Clair strung some clothesline to highlight the cute kids clothes
that have come in.

Tabletop. Really pretty plates in the Marie Antoinette pattern by
Limoges.  Would you believe - crystal and glassware was donated by my

Vintage and junior's wear.  On the lower rack are some original Izod
golf cardigans, which Leilani referred to as "grandpa sweaters."

And Leilani modeling a white dress and leather accessories. Those boots are Wicker Park worthy.

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  • Looks awesome! Best of luck.

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