Best Sellers and a Recap of the Lake Forest Resale Shop Opening


Retail is like theater sometimes---telling a story with place and
visuals--so in the days leading up to the resale store's opening, I felt
we were anticipating the critics' reviews on Saturday.  I'm happy to
report (with a deep sigh of relief) that opening day was a success.

The day started with a line forming outside the shop at 9:45.  When I
turned the key and opened the front door, about 20 serious shoppers
found the thrifty bargains they'd come for. 

A woman from Atlanta bought
the vintage Marshal Field fur coat.  A furniture maker liked the worn
leather recliner enough to take it home. Best sellers were glassware,
like the double old fashioned's painted with game birds of the midwest and a beautiful, heavy set of 12 faceted goblets.  Also big were art, books and the collection of Scottish cashmere sweaters for men. 

Celeb sightings at the shop:

Blogger Tate Gunnerson stopped in with friend Janice ( we once did a group shop at the Salvation Army on Kedzie), and his partner, Dean.

Roxana, the vintage dealer behind ORD RED, came in, too---we talked about her new fab job and getting her booth ready for the Vintage Bazaar next month---May 14 to be exact.

Maggie, an estate sale dealer who last week helped a client in need while at the same time helping to fill our shelves.

Author Sharon Fiffer's wish list included a vintage typerwriter, so she bought the green Hermes 3000.

Paula, a Garage Sale Warrior reader I met last year at her church's rummage sale, came in with her handsome husband.

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