Ever Wanted a Card Catalog? Everything Must Go at the Glenview Library


The Glenview Public Library is moving to a brand new space and not taking everything with it.  The books, yes, but not miles of shelving, files, tables and chairs.  Therefore, a sale. 

Here's some of what's in it:

7 Kinds Of File Cabinets
20 Different types Of Tables
Office Chairs
Computer Desks
Metal and Wood Desks
Metal and Wood Bookcases - all sizes 
1000s of Ceiling Tiles
Magazine Racks and Pianos
Children's Toys
Library or School Displays
Built in Cabinetry
150 Office Telephones

While you probably can't make a Halloween costume out of any of these, a little imagination will uncover lots of ways to put these to use.

Can you use anything? Browse through the photos to see.  

When: This Sat and Sun, Oct 1 and 2 from 9 to 3
Where: 1930 Glenview Road, Glenview

Photos courtesy of Cook County Demolition Sales


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  • I HAVE always wanted a card catalog. My husband has one in his basement, but I NEED one for my things. We're going to this for sure!

  • Those things were cool when I was in high school working in the library! I need to get one, the wooden one :-)

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