Yard Sale Signs: It's All About the Arrow


Yard Sale Marketing 101: Sign, sign, it's all about the sign. Ask any yard sale addict and they'll back me up -  a good sign can cause a gaper's block.

People will slow down to see what you've got in the front yard. Then they'll park illegally and run up for a closer look, and you'll gain new demographics to the handful of so-called friends who said, "Yeah, we might stop by."

Taped to a corner light post, the sign can rope in a lot of buyers who are driving by, just passing through your neighborhood.  They see the strategically placed sign, they turn. Which is why your sign needs the all important arrow.  Here are two examples:


A+ garage sale marketing.


D-.  No arrow.

Yard Sale Marketing 201: Sign personality. More data is needed to know if a sign with spunk brings in more buyers than a generic one -- I'm thinking of the kind you can get from your local realtor.  Is a title and an arrow enough, or would showing the world your clever side bring them in droves?


A very basic sign, thanks to Jim.


Most excellent sign. Notice the arrow.

Yard Sale Marketing 301: For the advanced course, rate the effectiveness of these signs on a scale of 1 to 5, noting the inclusion of arrow and catchy style, or not.

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  • Funny and great tips. I've never actually had a personal garage sale, just one for our PTO, and now I am encouraged. A lot about marketing, huh?

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