The DIY Secret Weapon: Chalkboard Paint


Chalk it up to my experience: chalkboard paint can make the homeliest of garage sale finds look good.  Designers and DIYers and yes, Martha herself have used it for everything from walls to headboards. Chalkboard paint is one of the essential rules for timeless decorating for Larry Vodak, owner of Scout.   

The paint comes in spray and brush-on, which makes it easy to apply to any old thing:  a lamp, a desk or my latest makeover, this chair. 

The Before Chair: uneven, peeling paint but a great silhouette.

The Chalkboard Painted Chair in Deep Chalky Black-Gray


Trust me that this looks better in person.  I used three coats of the brush-on form of Rustoleum's chalkboard paint.  It dries quickly, like within 5 minutes of painting.  Chalkboard paint comes in green and black, and you can create a custom color by combining flat paint with tile grout in the proportions explained in this recipe from 

The Chair With Chalk

Thumbnail image for after2.jpg

The chair all tatted up, and the good thing is they can be changed any time.

Here are a few more ways chalkboard paint can liven up your scene:

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