There's an App for Us

Midweek, all ready, again. By Wednesday I've started checking out the sale scene on the Warrior map to plan the weekend.

Ikea hemnes.jpg

My fantasy of the moment is finding a four poster bed. I've actually never slept in one, but have spent not just a little time thinking cozy Chicago winter in the middle of a fluffy four poster....stacks of books....good movies...and a butler to keep the lattes coming. 

With an exuberant hat tip to the digital minds on this site, the odds of finding what we're looking for have never been better.  A map, a click and a search word and you've got a bead on the surfboard coffee table that will absolutely make your living room. Can it get any easier?


Actually, yes. One more arrow in our hunting quiver, new since August, is the iGarageSale app for the iPhone and iTouch. I've found it especially handy when navigating to a neighborhood that's unfamiliar. Do I turn left or right here?  The app pinpoints my current location with a pulsing dot and shows how far to the sale location. Really helpful for the geo-challenged. It also reminds me what's for sale there, since it pulls up the weekly listings from Craigslist.

A Lite version of iGarageSale is available for download, and for a limited time, the more interactive Pro version is on sale for $1.99.  See the app's website for more info. 

For other mobile phones and devices,that are Android compatible, right now there's an app called Garage Sale Mobile. If you're using it, we'd love to hear your review.


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  • I've used this application and agree. It's so useful and helps make a saturday afternoon really fun!

  • In reply to schoola:

    I agree--sort of like a scavenger hunt.

  • In reply to schoola:

    I also heard there's an app to take photos and tag them for upload to various sites like Craig's' List. Love the 4 poster idea - I may beat you to it!

  • In reply to dondi:

    Twitter me if you're out shopping and find one. I'll be there in a flash.

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