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New 'NBA 2K14' Next-Gen Screenshots (Playoffs Simulation)

Derrick Rose
2K Sports has released some new next-gen screenshots for NBA 2K14. These screenshots, for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4...

'NBA 2K13' Online Demo Gameplay

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The demo for NBA 2K13 is now available for download on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can play one 5-minute quarter with the Miami Heat or...

'NBA 2K13' Kinect Integration Trailer

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2K Sports has released a new trailer showing off the Xbox 360 Kinect integration for NBA 2K13. We've had a few sports titles make...

Scottie Pippen Will Be In 'NBA 2K13' - New Legends Screenshots Including Allen Iverson

Good news Bulls fans, Scottie Pippen will be on NBA 2K13 as part of Dream Team, and more importantly, part of the classic Chicago Bulls teams...

1992 Dream Team To Be Part Of 'NBA 2K13,' But Without Scottie Pippen

1992 Dream Team To Be Part Of 'NBA 2K13,' But Without Scottie Pippen
Final Update: Scottie Pippen has come to an agreement with 2K Sports to be part of NBA 2K13. Nice for the new Dream Team addition to the game, even better for us Bulls fans that like to play with the classic Bulls teams. UPDATE No. 2: 2K Sports’ PR has got back to me in... Read more »

New 'NBA 2K13' Developer Insight Video, Screenshots (Derrick Rose)

New 'NBA 2K13' Developer Insight Video, Screenshots (Derrick Rose)
2K Sports has released their first NBA 2K13 developer insight video for gameplay. The biggest change that is talked about in the video is the right stick...

Bulls' Derrick Rose Joins Kevin Durant And Blake Griffin On NBA '2K13' Cover

After teasing people with a bunch of clues on social networking, 2K Sports has finally revealed their cover athletes for NBA 2K13: Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls...

New 'NBA Live 13' Screenshots

After a two-year hiatus, EA Sports is returning to the hardwood with NBA Live 13. For those who might not remember, EA Sports decided to go in a different direction with their NBA franchise two years ago, retiring NBA Live and introducing NBA Elite. After the demo for NBA Elite 11 got such terrible...

NBA 2K12 'Legends Showcase' Teaser Video

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New NBA 2K12 'Legends Showcase' Screenshots

Here are some new screenshots for the additional classic players that will be a part of NBA 2K12's "Legends Showcase" DLC. You can view the full list of the additional players...