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'NBA 2K13' Online Demo Gameplay

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The demo for NBA 2K13 is now available for download on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You can play one 5-minute quarter with the Miami Heat or...

'NBA 2K13' Kinect Integration Trailer

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2K Sports has released a new trailer showing off the Xbox 360 Kinect integration for NBA 2K13. We've had a few sports titles make...

Scottie Pippen Will Be In 'NBA 2K13' - New Legends Screenshots Including Allen Iverson

Good news Bulls fans, Scottie Pippen will be on NBA 2K13 as part of Dream Team, and more importantly, part of the classic Chicago Bulls teams...

'NBA 2K12' Review

'NBA 2K12' Review
With the real NBA mired in a lockout, frustrated fans start to look back on the glory days of the NBA to get their minds off what’s going on. Whether it was Wilt vs. Russell, Magic vs. Bird or Michael Jordan dominating the 1990s, fans always have fond memories of those good old days. The... Read more »