Online Problems With 'MLB 14: The Show'

Online Problems With 'MLB 14: The Show'

One of the big additions to MLB 14: The Show this year was Online Franchise Mode. I was excited for this mode after having a great time playing it in other sports titles like Madden, NCAA Football and NHL. A buddy of mine invited me to join a five-team league, for PlayStation 4, that started last week. Last Sunday I played three games against other users in the franchise, only to have all three games freeze up on wild pitches late in the games. I tried playing another one of the games on Monday, but after completing a full nine-inning game I returned to the league's main menu to see that the game did not process and the result was deleted. The fact that I was winning/won all four games adds insult to injury. But even if I lost all the games, it's beyond frustrating to waste 3½ to 4 hours of my time on games that didn't register a result. It wastes the time of the participants and throws the stats for the league off.

After playing another wasted game on Monday, I dropped out of the league and I won't be going back. The MLB: The Show franchise is one of the best sports games out there and I will continue to enjoy my offline franchise. But I can no longer waste my time attempting to play in an online franchise. There was a patch earlier this week. Some say it's improved the online experience, some say it hasn't made much difference. Either way, I'm passing on playing The Show's Online Franchise Mode this year. When you're playing in a league with other users, you have to work around their schedules, set a time, then sit down and actually play for what ends up being at least an hour (the league I was in didn't use Quick Counts). To go through all that, and have the game not count, is something I no longer have the patience for. It just seems that the MLB: The Show franchise will always have some sort of online problem.

The video below is from the game that finished, but didn't process. It was a good back-and-forth game, which only adds to the frustration.


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