'MLB 14 The Show' Video: A Look At Quick Counts And Player Lock

The MLB 14 The Show team released a new developer blog video highlighting the new Quick Counts and Player Lock features. Quick Counts will use an algorithm to generate pitch counts. So if you're playing a game with Quick Counts, at-bats will start with counts of 2-1, 2-2, etc. The goal of this feature is to speed up the game, as baseball video games take the longest to play of any sports video game. Player lock also helps in this regard as it allows you to select a player and just play as him the entire game - like playing MLB's Road to the Show mode. So if you decide to player lock on the Angels' Mike Trout, you will just play his at-bats and control him in the field on plays where he's involved.

I think both of these features are solid additions to the franchise. It's nearly impossible to get through a full 162-game MLB season, and this should help people do that. I probably won't use Quick Counts, but I see myself using the Player Lock quite a bit for my season. Using Player Lock I could easily play three games in the time it would take me to play one the traditional way. I'm not a fan of simulating entire games, so Player Lock will allow me to at least have some impact on the game, while speeding up the process.


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