First Look at 'NCAA Football 14' And Infinity Engine 2

EA Sports has released a first-look video for NCAA Football 14. The video shows off some new gameplay additions, most notably, Infinity Engine 2. The Infinity Engine made its debut in Madden NFL 13, and this will be the first time NCAA Football will feature real-time physics.

The team at NCAA also released a schedule of when they will reveal new details about the game, including Ultimate Team. I'm curious how Ultimate Team will work in a college game, considering Ultimate Team revolves around collecting player cards and building the...Ultimate Team. And as we know, NCAA Football cannot use the names of players still in college. You can view the schedule below and check out the video.

Presentation (April 18th)
NCAA Football Ultimate Team (May 15th)
Dynasty (May 28th)
Play a Season (June 17th)

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