'NBA 2K13' Kinect Integration Trailer

2K Sports has released a new trailer showing off the Xbox 360 Kinect integration for NBA 2K13. We've had a few sports titles make use of the Xbox 360 Kinect already: Tiger Woods and Madden NFL. But I'm really excited about using Kinect for NBA 2K13. Now, you won't use the Kinect to shoot the ball or dribble, you will use it for voice commands like calling out for a pick and roll, or a substitution. Being able to use your voice for these commands (if it works like it should, Kinect is always iffy when it comes to recognizing someone's voice), will be a lot better than trying to cycle through a play menu with the D-pad, while some is also trying to steal the ball from you. If the Kinect can recognize your commands properly, this will be a great addition to NBA 2K13.

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