'NHL 13' Introduces GM Connected Mode

'NHL 13' Introduces GM Connected Mode

Similar to what Madden NFL 13 is doing with Connected Careers, NHL 13 is introducing GM Connected for this year's title. This will be a fully playable multi-user online franchise mode. In that sense, it's similar to Madden 13's Connected Careers. But the big difference in NHL 13's GM Connected is that it incorporates team play into the mode. So you could have up to 750 players (30 user controlled teams with a 25 man roster for each) in an online franchise.

As a long-time player of the NHL franchise, this is great to see. Plowing through an 82-game season in NHL has never been an issue. Three 5-minute periods usually gives you about a 20-25 minute game, and the best part is you can get a realistic score with 5-minute periods in a hockey video game. If you play 5-minute quarters in an NBA game, you'd get final scores of 55-49. So getting through a season of NHL is quick and painless, plus you get realistic results. And now you can do it with your friends online. Very much looking forward to playing this mode.

You can check out the videos below for more info.

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