New 'NBA Live 13' Screenshots

After a two-year hiatus, EA Sports is returning to the hardwood with NBA Live 13. For those who might not remember, EA Sports decided to go in a different direction with their NBA franchise two years ago, retiring NBA Live and introducing NBA Elite. After the demo for NBA Elite 11 got such terrible reviews - I thought the controls had potential, but the graphics seemed to go back to the last generation - NBA Elite 11 was canned. EA Sports did not put out an NBA game in the fall of 2010 or 2011. But NBA Live will be back this October on the 360 and PS3. Check out some of the first screenshots below. Why they chose to use Baron Davis in one is beyond me.



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  • Maybe image #1 is realistic, as #1 in red would be on the bench with a knee brace. Don't see #9 out there, either. Boozer looks a bit light, though.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yeah, and it looks like too much space beneath the number on the back of Boozer's jersey. But they got time to fix that, hopefully. I'm just glad Live is back to have an alternative to NBA 2K, because 2K has some major issues that need fixing.

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