Madden NFL 13 Unveils 'Connected Careers' (Screenshots)

In addition to the big announcement on the new physics engine for Madden NFL 13, the Madden team also released details on the new "Connected Careers" mode. Connected Careers will change everything you knew about Madden. Gone are Franchise, Superstar and Online Franchise mode, but don't panic, they are all combined in Connected Careers. In Connected Careers you can start your franchise, online or offline, with friends or without, as a coach or an individual player. You can start your franchise as coach Lovie Smith or create yourself as the coach. Or you can start your career as an individual player, like Andrew Luck or your own created player. Madden NFL 13 will also have Photo Game Face, so you can have your real face in the game. This has been a feature on the Tiger Woods games for several years, so I'm glad to see it make its way to Madden. You'll also have the option of starting a career with classic players and coaches: Barry Sanders, Michael Irvin, and for the first time in his own game as a coach - John Madden.

Once you start your career (let's say you create yourself as a coach) you'll control the franchise like you would in previous Madden franchise modes. Once you win multiple Super Bowls, you might get a little bored. In Connected Careers you'll be able to switch from coach to an individual player, and vice versa, within the same career. And if you're playing Connected Careers online with friends, they can do the same. It's a lot to take in, so for more information check out Josh Looman's develpoer blog and EA's Jeff Setzer gives a breakdown of Connected Careers online in his blog post.

I'm really excited about Connected Careers. Is this finally the online franchise experience we've been waiting for? It also seems like fun for those who like to play the individual player modes - which I'm not a fan of, but it's extremely popular.

You can view some Connected Career screenshots below.

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