A Look At Some Minor Changes To 'MLB 12: The Show's' Hitting And Pitching

A Look At Some Minor Changes To 'MLB 12: The Show's' Hitting And Pitching
Mark Buehrle

With MLB 12: The Show shipping next Tuesday, I wanted to take a look at some minor tweaks made to both hitting and pitching - you can also view the tutorial videos below.

MLB 12: The Show is introducing "Pure Hitting," which allows you to stride with the right stick and direct your swing with the left stick, using a target. If you get the target over the pitch location, the better chance you have of getting a hit. Now, this isn't really new. This was how the hitting was done on MLB 2K for a long time. You would aim a target over the possible pitch location and take your swing. In MLB 2K, the better the hitter, the bigger that target, and the better chance you had of getting a hit. For example, Albert Pujols' target would almost cover the entire strike zone, while a pitcher's target would be the size of a dot. From the looks of the video, the target size doesn't change depending on the batter - but I'm not 100% sure on that since I have yet to play the game.

The second video shows the new "Pulse Pitching." This will only be an option if you use button-based pitching. Personally, I like the Pure Analog Pitching on The Show, so I won't be using this feature. But for those who do like to button pitch, this will be another option. Basically you'll have a target that pulsates and you will have to time the pitch when the target is at its smallest size - this will make your pitch more accurate.

As with previous Show titles, all of these new mechanics are optional and fully customizable. You can have button pitching, Pure Hitting and analog fielding - it's up to you and what you prefer. For me, I'll be playing with Pure Hitting, Pure Analog Pitching and button fielding.

MLB 12: The Show - Pure Hitting

MLB 12: The Show - Pulse Pitching

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