'NBA 2K12' Legends Sizzle Trailer

2K Sports released the latest trailer for NBA 2K12 and it's full of old-school players.

Favorite parts:

  • The Dream shake at :59 seconds
  • Former Bulls center, and head coach, Bill Cartwright's shooting form at :47 seconds.
  • Former Bulls nemesis, Detroit's Bill Laimbeer, whining at the 1:07 mark of the video.
  • Portland's Kevin Duckworth's one-handed shooting motion at 1:23.


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  • It may be coming October 4th, unfortunately though the NBA season won't be. As long as the greedy owners keep up with their ridiculous demands, i'm not forking over another $65. I'll just play last years title.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I understand your frustration. The NBA is my favorite sport and I would hate to miss out on a Bulls' season with how good they are now. It would be terrible. I think something will get done though.

    As for not buying the game, I've had this discussion when it came to Madden 12. I had friends saying "if there's a lockout, I'm not buying Madden 12." But the thing is, the NFL already has their money from EA, the NBA already has their contract with 2K Sports. The leagues are gonna get paid regardless of how many people choose not to buy the game as a form of protest.

    My thought is: don't deny yourself the enjoyment of a good game because of a lockout. But then again, NBA 2K11 is a great game, with plenty of classic Bulls teams, and that could suit you just fine.

    I'm looking forward to playing with some of the new teams like the 93 Hornets, the 91 Warriors and the 72 Knicks. Get to play with Phil Jackson.

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