'Madden NFL 12' unveils newest online feature: Communities

'Madden NFL 12' unveils newest online feature: Communities

This morning EA Sports announced the newest online feature for Madden NFL 12 - "Communities." You can read the full blog post here.

In Madden NFL 12, you will be able to create your own community and set the house rules. "Communities" can have up to 2000 members. The goal of "Communities" is to give Madden players the ability to surround themselves with quality competition online. Madden's biggest problem with online play is the amount of players that cheat (cheesers) or quit online.

The amount of quitters and cheaters that play the Madden franchise is the reason I haven't played random people online in years. I just stick to playing people on my friends list and people in my Online Franchise. Unfortunately, Online Franchise mode will go untouched again this year.

Online "Communities" might be nice for those who play random people online a lot. The Madden community is full of players who really care about having an impressive online record. For me - not something I really care about. If I were to create a community, it would consist of the guys I play Online Franchise with. So for me, "Communities" is Online Franchise mode, without the limited features of Online Franchise mode.

Check out the video below to see the tweaks made to Offline Franchise mode.

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