About Gina B.

I’m ba-ack!

Several years ago, I started writing a column called The G-Spot on Empowermag.com.  It was born of my love for Sex and the City (the show), combined with my own ridiculous dating stories buttressed by those of my lively friends.

I was a fledgling columnist, and the articles were about 800 words too long on average, but it was fun and I’m thankful that I was given a shot.

Around the time that I was itching to be in print, RedEye came along.  If you’re reading this on Chicago Now, you’re probably familiar with RedEye – the popular red sibling of the Chicago Tribune that can be found on every street corner and el station in a bright red kiosk.

I thought I was pitching them; they thought they were pitching me.

So began my 4+ years of writing my next column.  The title was toned down to The Gina Spot, which didn’t offend as many conservatives, and usually made it through most corporate firewalls.

I eventually added to my responsibilities at RedEye and Metromix, by penning Date Night with Gina B., and contributing to the ever-exciting 3Sum.

RedEye shook things up at the end of ’09 and The Gina Spot was phased out.   It was good timing, as I was completely burned out and decided to take the opportunity to slow down.  I would have told you, at the time, that I was retired, never to return to relationship writing again.

My retirement lasted approximately 1.3 years, when I joined Six Brown Chicks and became a relationship blogger.

The trouble, however?  I missed The Gina Spot, or The G-Spot, or whatever you’re used to (po-tay-toes, po-tah-toes). Jimmy Greenfield, proprietor of Chicago Now, has graciously provided space for me to resurrect The G-Spot.  And here we are.

If you read me before, you’ll notice some differences.

First, I’m a tad raunchier.  Why?  Because I can be.  The Gina Spot was chock full of euphemisms and near-swears, with some of my best dirty topics and double-entendres edited out for sake of decency (I applaud my editor).

But in real life?  I’m not really so decent.  In fact, I find that a well-placed f-bomb can be very liberating.  I tone it down for Six Brown Chicks, but G(ina) Spot will be no-holds-barred.

Also, for many years, my vantage point was that of a young single woman who was free to do whatever and date whomever – even though I seemed to have a divining rod for men who were incredible “column-worthy,” as I used to call them.  For a while I was in a relationship with a person who was completely paranoid that every column was about him (his nickname?  Carly Simon, of course), so I calmed it down.

But things change, thank God, and I’m in a happy relationship with a person who is largely responsible for my decision to reinvigorate The G-Spot, and  actually likes appearing in the column from time to time.  (He doesn’t know what he’s in for.  We’ll see if his opinion changes in a few weeks.)

As for the rest of the changes?  I implore you to read regularly and find out for yourself.

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