Sponsor a Friend for Christmas!

As a child-free person, my Christmas perspective tends to be a little different.  And by different, I mean skewed.  When I play the role of my own Ghost of Christmas Past (which happens after a few glasses of vino), I realize that Christmas has evolved from a time of expectations and possibilities to a time... Read more »

No Hiding for the Holidays -- How Players Get Busted on New Years' Eve!

Players can be players every other time of the year, but the holidays make it really hard.   People who are in multiple relationships will inevitably get busted based on how they choose to spend the holidays. Christmas isn’t as much of a barometer.   Most of us have family obligations and have to make rounds.   There’s... Read more »

Accidental Anal

It’s been a few years since I’ve written The G(ina)-Spot, and I’ve missed it.  I liked the writing and the ability to address a new topic each week.  But mostly I’ve missed having a platform to discuss all of the weird stories that people tell me.  Mind you, these raconteurs have every expectation (if not... Read more »