Archive Interview: Brian Omogrosso

Brian Omogrosso
was selected by the Chicago White Sox in the 6th round of the 2006
amateur draft. A right handed reliever out of Indiana State, Omogrosso
reported to that he has signed with the White Sox and will
be sent to Kannapolis once he takes his physical.
Interview conducted by Jason Gage.

You suffered a major injury in 2004 and missed all of 2005.
Do you feel your arm is truly back to 100 percent following the Tommy
John surgery in October of 2004, and did the surgery affect any of your
pitches or your stamina?

-Looking back over my surgery, it was probably the best thing that
has ever happened to me. I've looked at it as a blessing in disguise. I
gained a year of experience toward the game of baseball and it also
pushed me to work harder since I knew I had a lot to overcome. I feel my
arm is on a steady pace to getting back to 100%, but usually most
people say that takes up to two years for you to get everything back,
plus a little more.

Have you always thrown sidearm or was this a change you made
since you started college? If you have always thrown sidearm, are there
any sidearm pitchers (or pitchers in general) that you've looked up to
along the way?

Throughout my life I was always a sidearm pitcher. If I try to throw
overhand, it just feels unnatural. I've never looked up to any major
leaguers that had the same arm action as me, because actually it is kind
of rare, at least that's what I've been told. But I've always looked up
to the "Rocket" because of his hard work and determination for the game
of baseball.

Speaking of throwing sidearm, how do you think your arm angle
has given you an advantage against hitters (do you get better movement
with it) and have lefties given you a problem since they can see the
ball a bit longer?

When facing right handed hitters, my two seam fastball runs in on
their hands with pretty heavy sink. Lefties do cause a little more
problems for me, but over the course of this past year I have begun
starting my fastball at a lefthanders hip and letting it run back over
the inside half of the plate which has given me a little bit of success
through college.

You primarily pitched out of the pen at Indiana State, do you
expect to continue to throw out of the pen or have the Sox given some
indications about moving you to the rotation?

The bullpen is where I belong. I love the feeling of being in the
game when everyone's worked so hard throughout the game to get there,
and I get to shut the door for them. When talking with the Sox, they
seemed to like me in the setup or closer role.

Tell us about your arsenal; What pitches do you throw and
what type of command do you have on these pitches. What pitch do you
have the most confidence in?

I primarily throw three pitches. A four seam fastball, two seam
fastball, and a slider. My best command comes with my fastballs as those
are what I primarily throw to hitters in any count. My slider is still
coming around since my TJ surgery, but hopefully will get back to where
it was in early 2004. I am most confident throwing my two seam fastball
as I feel it is still an out-pitch even when I would throw it in a 2-0
count because of its late life.

What is your plan on the mound? How do you go about attacking
the hitter?

I go right after them. No plan. Just try and make the hitter feel as
uncomfortable as possible.

In terms of signing a contract, can you tell us how close you
are to potentially joining the Sox. If not, we completely understand.

Signed and sealed yesterday!

Also, have the Sox given any indication on where they plan on
sending you (Bristol, Great Falls, Kanny, etc).

I will be reporting to Kannapolis whenever the doctor gets in for my
physical to be taken place.

What are some things you need to improve in the future to
make the majors?

My overall consistency will be my major issue I need to work out. My
control with all my pitches could be better as well.

Now come the fun questions: 
Favorite Athlete: THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS (yea, all of
em' haha) 
Favorite Movie: Usual Suspects/ For love of the game 
Favorite Food: Steak 
Favorite Song: Turn the Page by Bob Seger 
Best Baseball Memory: Getting drafted by the Sox of
Best Prank You've Pulled (Or seen pulled): Actually my
freshman year of college when I was still playing first base, after I
came back from making the third out of the inning, the guys had put eye
black all along the inside of my hat. I had to play the entire inning
knowing when I took my hat off I would have lines of eye black all over
my forehead.
would like to thank Brian Omogrosso for taking time out of his day to
interview with us and we wish him nothing but the best.

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