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Get a new job, Part 1

Part 1 – Start Thinking About it… Many folks have financial issues because their current position can’t cover all their financial needs.  There are too ways to solve this issue: Stop spending beyond your means (America, cough, cough) OR Get a bigger paycheck and get yourself a promotion! “It’s a rough economy” and “raise freezes”... Read more »

Economics of Groceries

I began writing my frugal blog in 2009…”back then” butter could be found for $2/lb and sour cream was .99 cents for 16 oz.  My, my how dairy has skyrocketed!  If only I could’ve invested in “Dairy Futures” back then! Today, I am lucky to find Sour Cream  – just plain sour cream, nothing special, not “Truffle Oil... Read more »

Frugal End of Summer Deals

Hola frugal amigos!  I’m back from my summer break! Today’s September weather is beyond beautiful, and now that my apartment windows are open, (Yay!  No AC bill!) I can begin to use my oven more frequently!  Fall is the perfect time to open your windows and roast a home-cooked dinner in the oven.  As a... Read more »