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Know Any "Old Soul" Kids?

If you know anyone from ages 8-18 who is quirky, different, really bright and unconventional, or has intuitive gifts, please tell them to join us at Intuitive Kids Leadership Camp – which starts this Sunday afternoon at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio in Evanston.  This past weekend, I worked with Rick, a 16 year old... Read more »

Fields of Influence

Given the proximity to 2012, how can we not live each day as though it was the final gift of this life? While making a self-promise to be kind may seem simple, on the many days we crawl through multiple priorities, it may feel nearly impossible. There is another reason why it feels challenging…it’s the... Read more »

Let's Have a Severe Thunderstorm

While it is prudent for the sake of future generations to keep reducing our carbon footprint and finding simpler ways to live, I believe there is an urgency in these days to clear out our personal pasts – to leave, release or burn old baggage, and arrive safely in present time. This 91 year old yoga instructor,... Read more »