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Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success

Four Intuitive Exercises that Increase Business Success
“I’ve been doing this for over 25 years,” Joe said. “I KNOW the product is just what these customers need and that they will be happy after I install it. But I can’t get them to believe that.” “I’m not sure what to do”, Joe mused as he reflected on his continuing sales slump. “Should... Read more »

Three Blizzard Meditations

Being holed up in one place as a result of a blizzard can feel confining – or it can feel liberating. After you are done finding the right educational videos for your kids, and after you have spent some special time getting work done in a more focused way, there are some blizzard meditations that... Read more »

The Business of You: Meaningful Work

Many of my clients feel stifled and frozen in their high level corporate positions, afraid to leave the golden handcuffs that keep them bound to something that does not feed their soul. Finding meaning at work doesn’t just mean changing jobs, it means getting to know yourself differently. Clients and colleagues who have slowly morphed... Read more »

Life is an Inside-Out Job

What if everything we experience in our lives on the outside are meant to be clues to help us progress in understanding, compassion and wholeness on the inside? In other words, everything that looks and feels real to our five senses are merely symbols, meant to lead us to a more “real,” inner world. After all,... Read more »


His name is Eric. It really is. He does that heroic job that only special people can do – he delivers mail, everyday, in every kind of Chicago weather. And yesterday he and his wife went over the top to assure that I retrieved an important little card. I had saved some cash, a little... Read more »

Work and Life Mission: Not Always a Non-Stop Flight

Yesterday, a client I’ll call Susan, said she has been faithfully investing her time and energy manifesting work that is what she calls her “life mission“. Currently, finances are dwindling and she’s afraid if she takes another job, she’ll be a sell out. Susan asked me: “Should I borrow money to continue investing in my... Read more »

Help with the Work Blues from Past Lives

Yesterday, a senior level executive, Sondra, came to get a Reading and said she felt uncharacteristically tired and was less enthused about her work, which typically jazzed her. If I weren’t an intuitive, I would chalk it up to a bad economy and the resultant stress. Instead, I relayed to her, as I did to... Read more »