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Feminine Pleasure

When those two words “feminine pleasure” are put next to each other, what comes to your mind? Most women think it refers to good sex. It is amazing how narrow our definition is of “pleasure for women”! Not so for Mama Gena. This woman has a very interesting theory.    Mama Gena says that the... Read more »

Here She Comes...

Recent Readings have revealed a most interesting phenomenon. It’s about what is happening to feminine energy on the planet even as I write this. The way I See it, women’s historical and current experience can be likened to our liver. I  know, it’s a stretch, but bear with me. The liver has the capacity to... Read more »

Women of the Death Vigil

Tina’s grandmother, Mary, was an elegant, competent, determined woman. She was pioneering in her work in the 1940s as a traffic court reporter and a ward committeewoman for an alderman in Chicago. When Mary was in her final hours, Tina observed all of Mary’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren standing around, soothing and caring for Mary at... Read more »

Delay the Mammogram but Go For the Thermogram

According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (yep, it’s her real name!) “Research …demonstrated that adding a thermogram to breast exam and conventional mammogram increases the ability to find cancer early — do something about it — to 95%.” Thermography is non-invasive, has no side effects, and has been approved by the FDA since 1983. My intuition told me a long time... Read more »

The Dali Lama: Western Women will Save the World

 The Dalai Lama, himself, at a Peace Summit in Vancouver last month, shocked the sold-out crowd by proclaiming: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”  Those of us with grey hair, often hiding just beneath our color of choice, sometimes forget that we are the first generation of women in history to have the economic... Read more »