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Tiger Mom, Success, and Teen Suicide

As far as I can tell, Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, thinks parenting is a role in which the parent intimidates and cruelly punishes children until they produce an outcome that can be considered best in class in a particular skill in comparison with others. While that is an interesting definition of parenting, I believe she... Read more »

Bullying from First Grade on Up

Carrie Goldman has a ChicagoNow blog called Portrait of an Adoption. In a November blog she wrote about the bullying her daughter received from her fellow boy classmates in the first grade for bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school.  She has received national attention for drawing attention to this important issue. Goldman stated... Read more »

Money, Happiness, and Intuition

In her book, Money and Happiness, Yahoo Finance Expert, Laura Rowley says that knowing your values is what creates the real value of money in your life. I met a man, Ed, in New York whose passion was spending time with his growing family. Ed told me, “Several years ago I decided that either this intuitive stuff... Read more »


His name is Eric. It really is. He does that heroic job that only special people can do – he delivers mail, everyday, in every kind of Chicago weather. And yesterday he and his wife went over the top to assure that I retrieved an important little card. I had saved some cash, a little... Read more »

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and American Values

Maybe the anger expressed against President Obama’s Peace Prize has everything to do with the fact that American values are not the same as other countries – the other countries who clearly stated their values through the selection of Obama as the distinguished winner. Several years ago, I was working in Europe as a business... Read more »