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From Liberation Square - Egypt is FREE!

Transformation is a process that starts with someone challenging the status quo. A street vendor set himself on fire to protest Egypt’s inequitable and disrespectful social climate.One man ignited the angry hearts of those who agreed with him, but didn’t have the courage or means to speak out. There was anger and rage as crowds... Read more »

Dedicate, Dedicate, Dedicate

When we experience gut wrenching, can’t-believe-it’s-happening-to-me (especially-considering-how-conscious-and-what-a-generally-good-person-I-am) kind of season in life, sometimes it’s hard to stay faithful to our chosen path and it’s challenging to stay clear of life-sapping cynicism. However, there is a way that in such a season, you become a touch point for healing in the world. When situations result in... Read more »

CEOs with Intuitive Intelligence!

One of my clients who is a CEO commented and inquired: “I know Joe isn’t producing and I’m considering letting him go. But before I do that, am I finished with my soul work with him? Am I anxious to cut him loose because I don’t want to learn what he has to teach me,... Read more »

Bringing Spirit to Work

When I work in close companionship in Spirit in an Intuitive Reading, a river of words occur about a client’s soul lessons and life purpose and how it all integrates with his current challenges – and then healing flows. After years and years of practice, I have caught myself expressing an attitude that I call”I know”,... Read more »