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An Intuitive Response to Osama bin Laden's Death

If you are an intuitive, today, with the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death, you can feel a collective out-breath from those who were touched by 911, and those who wanted justice for a man who openly rejoiced in the destruction of innocents.  At the same time, if you are an intuitive who is emotionally open, there... Read more »

Grace in Tragedy

When my uncle died of a massive heart attack while driving this past weekend, one of his sons, who was in the passenger seat, said it was as if someone helped him put his foot on the brake and steer the car to safely at the side of the road. John said that all at... Read more »

Which Healing Practice is Most Effective?

A client recently told me she was learning Healing Touch Therapy, and was amazed at how well it worked in calming and healing others. How often people say that about a particular method of healing. I told my client that it wasn’t the methodology that made it work. It was her.   What I know... Read more »

Ghosts that Wait

Ghosts that Wait
Maria just told me about her recent experience of dying and coming back to life. She said she encountered 300 spirits who were “waiting”. “Waiting for what?” I asked. She replied, “I don’t know, but they had to wait, and I knew when I woke up it was important to tell you that they are... Read more »

Four Things to Say to Children who Experience the Paranormal

One of my clients, Sandi, said her four year old daughter, Ariella, told her she remembers how nice Sandi was to her when she was dying. She described a scene in detail. Sandi was shocked as she accurately described Sandi’s experience of her grandmother’s death. Ariella seemed to talk with lots of invisible friends. Other... Read more »

A Fork in the Road

Jen and I were right on time for our airplane. We started down the road practically singing, when suddenly, in front of us were two signs, forcing us to choose one direction or the other, neither of which mentioned our destination. ARGHHH!. So we picked one and within a few miles, decided we had picked... Read more »

Whose Voices are in Your Head?

This weekend, I stayed at a mansion in the Northeast that is noted for being haunted. While I did not allow any haunting to disturb my wonderful time, I met a man who lived and worked on the property who said he has a lot of voices in his head that are persistent and intense.... Read more »

Faith and the Darkness

Recently,  I plunged into a large scale change consulting project, and I lived, worked, dreamed, and ate the client’s reality for weeks and months. While it was very satisfying to watch the level of performance and confidence expand as people found their new bearings, I came out the other side disoriented, negative, and a bit dizzy... Read more »

CEOs with Intuitive Intelligence!

One of my clients who is a CEO commented and inquired: “I know Joe isn’t producing and I’m considering letting him go. But before I do that, am I finished with my soul work with him? Am I anxious to cut him loose because I don’t want to learn what he has to teach me,... Read more »

Bringing Spirit to Work

When I work in close companionship in Spirit in an Intuitive Reading, a river of words occur about a client’s soul lessons and life purpose and how it all integrates with his current challenges – and then healing flows. After years and years of practice, I have caught myself expressing an attitude that I call”I know”,... Read more »