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Miners: Underground to Space and Back to Ground

What are the chances that what we learn in and about Space, high above the planet we call “home”, could be helpful to a group of men trapped 2100 feet beneath the surface of where the rest of us live?  Apparently, when we explore the terrain that is off our map of reality in any... Read more »

Space: The Final Frontier

Spending a weekend in rural MI helped me understand why they call space “the final frontier”. I love Chicago because of its access to world class events, beautiful places, and airports that are hubs to the rest of the planet. It even has a spacious lakefront, though on the best weather days, it is usually... Read more »

Science and Psychic Experience

The Institute for Noetic Science (IONs) has been researching the phenomenon of energy and consciousness for decades. It was started by astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, whose experience during his Apollo 13 mission was so profound that he was compelled to find a way to bridge the gap between science and his spiritual experience of “oneness”.... Read more »