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Your Soul Lesson: Ask The Dead Guy!

When Sam, (not his real name) called for a Reading and Healing, he asked me to help him get unstuck, and also bring through his Father, who died a few years ago. As I looked at Sam’s energy, I could see that he allowed others to have more power than himself in decision making. He... Read more »

The Business of Soul Lessons

Intuition and self-reflection are leadership necessities because Business is a theater for soul lessons. These days companies change as fast and often as Google designs over it’s logo -which is the perfect setting for increasing intuitive intelligence as well as providing unexpected and swift leadership challenges. One CEO, Bob, whose company manufactures facilities construction material, innovated a... Read more »

A Soul Clearing Experience

You know how when you think you hear just fine, and then your ears pop, and suddenly you realize how much you couldn’t hear before? Most of us walk around our crowded lives feeling “just fine” and we manage around our aches and pains trying to enjoy life. But sometimes, we just need a soul... Read more »

Past Lives and Present Time

When I Read energy, and See “other lifetimes”, I don’t care if you were the Queen of Sheeba or Attila the Hun. What’s important is the story about the archetypal position you held, like “powerful leader”, and how that impacted your perspective, as well as what and how you learned from that perspective. I’d go... Read more »