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Fear, Physics, and Other Dimensional Realities

Brian Weiss, M.D., psychiatrist and best selling author, has written about many clients who, under hypnotherapy, tell him specific things about other lifetimes.His clients come in with strong fears or aversion to something and through hypnosis, they regress to a lifetime that sourced their fear. He walks them through the horrific situation in that lifetime,... Read more »

Keep Your Skepticism about Intuitives

The inimical broadcast journalist, Jen Weigel, is at it again, creating pathways for exploring past lives, ghost communication, intuition, and stories off the beaten path – and doing it with humor and courage through her second book I’m Spiritual Dammit.  She really holds her own in this incredible interview on Chicago Tonight.  Look at the last entry on the... Read more »

Four Things to Say to Children who Experience the Paranormal

One of my clients, Sandi, said her four year old daughter, Ariella, told her she remembers how nice Sandi was to her when she was dying. She described a scene in detail. Sandi was shocked as she accurately described Sandi’s experience of her grandmother’s death. Ariella seemed to talk with lots of invisible friends. Other... Read more »

Women of the Death Vigil

Tina’s grandmother, Mary, was an elegant, competent, determined woman. She was pioneering in her work in the 1940s as a traffic court reporter and a ward committeewoman for an alderman in Chicago. When Mary was in her final hours, Tina observed all of Mary’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren standing around, soothing and caring for Mary at... Read more »

Past Lives and Present Time

When I Read energy, and See “other lifetimes”, I don’t care if you were the Queen of Sheeba or Attila the Hun. What’s important is the story about the archetypal position you held, like “powerful leader”, and how that impacted your perspective, as well as what and how you learned from that perspective. I’d go... Read more »

Help with the Work Blues from Past Lives

Yesterday, a senior level executive, Sondra, came to get a Reading and said she felt uncharacteristically tired and was less enthused about her work, which typically jazzed her. If I weren’t an intuitive, I would chalk it up to a bad economy and the resultant stress. Instead, I relayed to her, as I did to... Read more »